Accused Michigan shooter told school officials violent drawings were for a video game

The accused Michigan high school shooter told officials that violent drawings he made ahead of his deadly rampage were for a "video game," a letter released Saturday said.

Babies develop a sense of humor after one month, study shows

Think you're funny? Newborns don't — at least, probably not until they reach about the one-month mark.

Here's how long the perfect hug should last, according to science

Psychologists found that a longer hug — between five and 10 seconds — delivered a more positive impact compared to shorter ones.

Got to be kid-ding: Parents outraged over school picture day 'retouch' trend

"It’s teaching kids that they need to look perfect all the time," complained one parent of retouching options on school portraits offered to students as young as pre-K.

'Squid Game' might foster a generation of violent bullies: expert

A psychologist said the hit Netflix series "might well shake the foundations" of what children are being taught in school, adding, "which is that we care and we help each...

These are the five personality types plagued by ‘imposter syndrome’

Everyone will feel like an imposter at some point in their lives. But for some people they are plagued with the worry all the time, and fret about being “found...

Walls come tumbling down in psychiatric dramedy 'Wakefield'

You likely won’t recognize the stars of “Wakefield” — but, trust me, you won’t be able to get a certain early ’80s pop song out of your head after watching...

Dr. Laura's California mansion with radio studio will list for $20M

Dr. Laura is offering something other than relationship advice — a $19.5 million Santa Barbara compound.

How our culture and our government gave too much power to Facebook

The latest revelation of Facebook hurting teenage girls and letting criminal activity go unmoderated shows how we as Americans and the government must start regulating the social media giant, Vivek...

Why men made 'negging' their go-to toxic dating tactic

The dating strategy works when someone purposefully gives a backhanded compliment or makes a potential significant other feel bad about themselves in order to lower their self-esteem.