Prez's lost war on COVID: Biden still trying to 'beat' virus — and failing

President Joe Biden has badly responded to the pandemic with vaccine mandates and constant restrictions -- after touting how much he would do better than his predecessor, Kimberley Strassel writes.

Lockdowns have taken a toll and other commentary

From the right: Lockdowns Have Taken a Toll White House chief of staff Ron Klain claims stronger COVID measures produce stronger economic outcomes — yet, The Wall Street Journal’s editors...

Omicron has arrived — but there's no reason for broad restrictions

While the US has its first Omicron case, there are signs it may not be as harmful as some feared. Which means this is no time for drastic new restrictions,...

'Red flag!' TikTok video shows students fleeing Michigan high school shooter

Terrified students in Michigan's Oxford High School jumped out the window amid fears the gunman was impersonating a sheriff in the hallway, according to footage shared to social media.

There's no safety in returning to COVID-19 lockdowns

The initial reaction from Dr. Anthony Fauci to the emergence of a new strain of the coronavirus pandemic elicited a collective scream of frustration. 

Swiss to vote on ending COVID-19 restrictions

Swiss citizens will vote tomorrow on whether to eliminate some COVID-19 restrictions — including the nation's controversial "COVID certificate."

Top German official gives grim warning amid COVID surge, travel advisory

The US State Department on Monday issued its highest Level 4 travel advisories with a "do not travel" warning for Germany as well as its European neighbor Denmark.

'An orgy of violence': 7 hurt after police open fire on anti-lockdown protesters

A city in The Netherlands has erupted into "an orgy of violence,” as the Dutch protest against COVID-19 restrictions and partial lockdowns.

Schools close as smog-laden India capital considers lockdown

The dirty-air crisis in the city of more than 20 million people has underscored India’s heavy dependence on coal, which accounts for 70 percent of the country’s power.

Austria orders nationwide lockdown for the unvaccinated

The move prohibits unvaccinated people 12 and older from leaving their homes except for basic activities such as working, grocery shopping, going for a walk — or getting vaccinated.