The four signs your sore throat could be deadly serious

The NHS says that most of the time, sore throats will treat themselves and will usually be gone within a week.

Woman who sued mom's doctor claiming she never should have been born wins millions

Evie Toombes, 20, sued her mom's doctor in a landmark case.

Shocking images show what diabetes really looks like for millions of people

Wavy vision, blurred vision, floaters, color loss and total vision loss are all symptoms of diabetes.

Boy, 7, is all smiles despite rare, painful skin condition

"It's unreal how resilient he is and how well he deals with it all," said his mother.

Raw meat led to ancient animal-to-human disease spillover: study

Hacking up raw meat ended so poorly for this Neanderthal that it’s significant to humanity’s evolutionary history.

Woman with spina bifida sues mom's doctor for millions, says she never should have been born

An English woman with spina bifida is suing her mother’s former doctor for millions of dollars in health care costs and damages claiming that she should never have been born.

Teen's rare 1-in-600 million condition prevents him from storing fat

Dylan Lombard is shedding light on his super-rare affliction — which affects only 13 people worldwide — that prevents him from retaining fat, among other horrific complications.

Starbucks worker contracts hepatitis A, possibly exposing thousands

The incident occurred at the Starbucks outlet at 1490 Blackwood Clementon Road in Gloucester Township.

Thousands of smokers ‘die of disease they have no idea they’ve got’

Thousands of smokers may be dying of a disease that they have no idea they’ve got, research shows. Smoking contributes to a number of deadly conditions, including cardiovascular disease. Cardiovascular disease...

What is Monkeypox virus? Maryland infection is second in US of 2021

The highly contagious disease Monkeypox — a viral cousin of Smallpox — was reported in Maryland this week, marking the second US case in recent months.