Biden’s silence on China’s drug-pushing and other commentary

From the right: Silence on China’s Drug-Pushing “In the United States, a person dies from a drug overdose every five-and-a-half minutes,” frets John Mac Ghlionn at The American Conservative. Notably,...

The world is becoming more dangerous under Joe Biden

We hope we’re not the only ones who’ve noticed, but the world has become a more dangerous place since Joe Biden became president. Why? Perhaps because hostile actors sense weakness...

China's Communist leaders mock Biden Democracy Summit

China’s Communist leaders offered an acid denunciation of western-style democracy in advance of President Biden’s two-day democracy summit next week.

Didi bows to China pressure, will delist from NYSE months after its debut

Just five months after its debut, ride-hailing giant Didi Global said it plans to withdraw from the New York Stock Exchange and pursue a Hong Kong listing, a stunning reversal as it...

'My question was about Xi': Psaki changes topics during White House briefing exchange

White House press secretary Jen Psaki abruptly changed the subject Friday when asked about President Biden's lack of pressure on China to be transparent about the origins of COVID-19.

The feds must act to recover the billions in COVID aid foreign fraudsters stole

These gangsters plundered hundreds of billions in public funds that were supposed to assist Americans in their hour of need. Now it’s time to make them pay the price —...

Biden administration lobbied Congress to water down anti-China bill: report

Versions of the bill, known as the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act, passed the House of Representatives in September 2020 and the Senate by a unanimous vote in July this...

'We have concerns': Defense chief Austin warns China over hypersonic missile program

The Pentagon chief added that the US will "continue to...defend and deter against a range of potential threats from the PRC."

Berkshire executive says China was 'correct' to ban crypto

Charlie Munger said the current market is “even crazier than the dotcom era” and China made the right call when it banned cryptocurrencies.

Go woke, go broke? Americans don't care for corporate activism

A new warning to woke CEOs: Americans don’t want corporations meddling in divisive political issues, and they perceive such activism as phony pandering.