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Amazon delivery man caught tossing packages like Frisbees in security video

"Really disappointed how the driver can act in such a disrespectful manner," the customer said of the driver's shocking, time-saving hack.

How the new TV version of sleuth Adam Dalgliesh differs from the others

Adam Dalgliesh, the murder-solving investigator/poet at the center of PD James’ bestselling series of crime books, comes to life in the “Dalgliesh.” The six-episode Acorn TV series, premiering Monday (Nov....

The worst celebrity hair and makeup fails of all time

Angelina Jolie's uneven hair extensions isn't the worst beauty blunder a celebrity has suffered in public. Take a look at our rogue's gallery of A-list offenders.

Mort Sahl, legendary comedian, dead at 94

The comic was known for his biting and cutting edge humor in the 1950s and '60s.

Anderson Cooper created fake online persona to sell his mom's artwork

The aging heiress didn't have an assistant to aid with the transactions, so she enlisted her famous son — using the fake name "Monica" — to help out.

Joan Rivers bio series starring Kathryn Hahn scrapped by Showtime

“Trailblazer. Adored. Cruel. Diva. Joan Rivers had a life like no other," the original logline for “The Comeback Girl” had teased.

Fan 'casually stumbles' upon Adele filming CBS 'One Night Only' special

The British singer's upcoming CBS special "Adele One Night Only" will air on Nov. 14.

'Halloween' icon Michael Myers brags killer 'work ethic' makes him the GOAT

Becoming Hollywood's most prolific slasher villain might seem like a difficult feat, however one TikTok wit attributes the success of "Halloween" franchise face Michael Myer's to one trait - work...

Floyd Mayweather Jr. refuses photo with boy because of his painted nails

However, Mayweather's representative strongly denied allegations of homophobia, saying the ex-boxer was simply in a hurry.

Mom, 38, poses as 15-year-old girls online to snare sex predators

There's no messing with this mom! Connecticut resident Roo Powell, 38, is the focus of the new Discovery+ docuseries "Undercover Underage."