2020 presidential election

Federal election agency has not accounted for $74m of COVID-19 voting aid

The Election Assistance Commission has still not accounted for $74 million worth of election aid given to states in 2020 during COVID-19.

Trump slams Meadows' claim he tested positive for COVID before first Biden debate

A report emerged claiming former President Donald Trump tested positive for COVID-19 ahead of his first presidential debate against Biden, Trump slammed the allegation calling it “fake news.”

Florida man who carried Pelosi's lectern during Jan. 6 riot pleads guilty

Adam Johnson, 36, admitted to one count of entering or remaining in any restricted building in Washington, DC federal court, according to records.

Trump-backed Pa. Senate contender Parnell halts bid after custody ruling

Sean Parnell is suspending his campaign after a judge granted his estranged wife full custody of their three children following domestic abuse allegations.

Iran hackers stole US voter data, posed as Proud Boys in effort to influence 2020 election: feds

Members of an Iranian hacking group successfully accessed confidential US voting information and infiltrated a media outlet’s computer network in an attempt to intimidate Democratic voters.

Texas state rep leaves Dems for GOP, slams 'disastrous' left-wing policies

Longtime Texas Democratic state Rep. Ryan Guillen announced Monday he is switching parties and joining the GOP.

'I got 60%': Chris Christie mocks Trump over re-election defeat

Former New Jersey Republican Governor Chris Christie is stepping up his war of words with the former president as both men weigh potential White House bids in 2024.

How an influencer became head of Trump WH 'external-relations' after 'f--king idiot' given top job

A bombshell new book reveals how a no-name MAGA fanatic grabbed power in the final days of the Trump administration — becoming “deputy president’’ and creating a “Gestapo’’ to root...

Trump plans phone-in rally for Youngkin on eve of VA gov vote: Report

Virginia gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin accepted Donald Trump's endorsement after winning the Republican nomination in May.

'Zuckerbucks' boosted Democrats in Pennsylvania, report says

The Center for Tech and Civic Life doled out more money per registered voter to Democratic counties than Republican counties in the battleground state, an analysis by the publication Broad...