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'Eternals' review: One of Marvel's worst movies so far

Just out of “Infinity Bore” — sorry, Marvel’s “Eternals.”

Dave Chappelle won't 'bend to demands' of 'transgender community' over 'Closer' controversy

Chappelle seemingly appeared unapologetic about his remarks, saying, “I said what I said.”

'Invasion' creator: 'Without a doubt, I believe aliens are out there'

David Weil, the co-creator of new Apple sci-fi epic “Invasion,” said that he wanted to showcase an alien story that doesn’t center around an action star like Tom Cruise or...

Teen gets revenge on adults who shamed her Princess Di homecoming look

The outfit was reminiscent of the Princess of Wales' 1994 black "Revenge Dress."

'Dynasty' star John James to play Joe Biden in film on son Hunter

"The script has it all. Money, power, greed, sex, drugs and alcohol," the 65-year-old soap opera star said in a 30-second clip announcing his new role.

The Jonas Brothers will be roasted in upcoming Netflix comedy special

Nick, Kevin and Joe Jonas will be roasted by an all-star panel of guests including Pete Davidson, Niall Horan, John Legend and Lilly Singh.

Andrew Lloyd Webber's 'Cinderella' musical needs work before Broadway

Bibbidi-bobbidi-cut 30 minutes! There is a satisfying musical buried somewhere in here — but, like the title character, the new show could use a Fairy Godmother’s wand.

What Halloween candy came out the decade you were born?

While far older than today’s youngest trick or treaters, many popular American candies were created just a few decades ago.

Icky Mouse: Fans call on Disney to ban raunchy shirts from parks after viral post

Angry Disney fans are calling for the Mouse House to ban inappropriate garb after a couple was photographed wearing sexually suggestive T-shirts at Disney World.

Ryan Gosling set to play Ken opposite Margot Robbie in 'Barbie' movie

The "Notebook" hunk's casting could see him strip-off on-screen, showing off his ripped body — just as he did in the popular 2011 rom-com "Crazy, Stupid, Love."